Complete Training Programs and Professional Healthcare Services

GreenLeaf Consultancy is a local South Australian Company. We provide clinical and education and training programs. Our education and training programs are endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing as we are proud to display the college logo to signify the achievement. 

Clinical Services

The continence clinical services we offer include:

  • Continence Promotion: Bladder and Bowel Assessment and Management Plans
  • Indwelling Urinary Catheter Management: Assessment, Management and Support
  • Intermittent Catheter Management: Assessment and Skill-Based Learning Leading to Self-Care
  • Trial of Void 

Referral process
Any consumer may make a direct referral for continence services by any of the following:

Simulation-Based Learning

Classroom-based simulation learning is one of the key components in developing clinical competency. In these classes, we use life-sized mannequins to let students absorb techniques through lessons approximating real-world situations. This effectively reinforces theoretical classroom education.

Operational Skills Training

In this training program, we offer students the opportunity to level up skills in the following areas:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Performance Measurement, Management and Review 
  • Quality Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Staff Behaviour Management
  • Team Building

Quality Improvement, Clinical Governance and Accreditation

Preparation for accreditation can be a daunting task. We can make this experience worthwhile and successful once we teach you the following skills:

  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Auditing
  • Evidence-Based Practice

  • Organizational Culture Review
  • Policy Development and Review

Get Started

Connect with us to ask about our training programs or book clinical services. Find easy access to evidence-based caregiving resources. To learn more, send us an email or give us a call.